The Truth – Born Again into The Church – Lesson-3

The Truth – Born Again into The Church – Lesson-3

The doctrine of being born again into the church as taught by the Bible through Scripture — Lesson 3.

This is the third of a series of teachings on being born again. The Scriptures makes it ever so clear of the determining factor for how the new birth starts and the recurring theme is unanimously God chooses, God chooses, God ordains, ummmm oh yeah again God chooses. Here in
1Co 12:18,24 we are not disappointed for the theme still remains the same for the scripture saith that God changes not. The verse 18 says — God hath set the members everyone of them in the body as it hath pleased him. The two key words and this verse are set/ tithemi: meaning to place -it is the exact same Greek word translated ordained in Jn 15:16 and the word please / theleo -meaning to determine. Literally interpretation – God hath placed and determined every member that is in the body of God, which is the church. The spiritual Reformation that happens in a man that places him into the church is not something that can be refused or accepted just like the natural birth or shall we call it the fleshly birth cannot be refused or accepted because it is something that just happens. The only thing the infant in Christ comes to realize is that he has a desire for God. Verse 24 says more of the same temper / means to assimilate or combine. This spiritual beginning can only start with or can only be started by that which is spiritual because we are carnal sold under sin per Rm 7:14. God is Spirit and it is the spirit that makes alive. Since it is plain we were born of the flesh then is plain we cannot initiate anything spiritual regarding God’s judgment and in verse 24 God tells us he puts the church together and only he can because he is Spirit.

Folks here’s the short and skinny God makes it so there is no decision-making process involved in the things of him one of them being the spiritual gift of being born again. He places and he is determined and as believers all we do is passively receive it – that’s it and that’s all.

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