The Presence Of God Is Experienced At The Church On Top Of The Hill

There are many believers in the world. It does not matter where one is. The point is, every person is looking for where they can have the best experience with God. If a person does not feel satisfied with their spiritual homes, they tend to move towards whee they anticipate spiritual settling with the Lord. That is when everybody should be looking for The Church on Top Of the Hill. This is a name of a temple on a Hill top. It s very much known to be a place where people go to meet God alive. They say so.

There is no particular thing that operates without drivers. The driving force behind this temple is the Friars of Notre Dame. These people have really helped people to better know God. From this place, they have assisted others scale heights in their lives as well as life in general. How they help other Christians is worthy discussing.

This spiritual place is an interdenominational temple. Here there is no discrimination of people. In fact, this is a family friendly home.

This place is a wonder place such that people have even been inspired to sing its praises. One example is the song The Church on Top Of The Hill. This song is about how miraculously the temple provides peace for seeker. It is home to the lost and that there is no match for this temple.

The song says that this is a purely God powered temple. That only the bible is the source of the word.

In this temple families have been known to stabilize. The doctrine that the testing times come when people feel like breaking away from there families has really helped bind families together. It is common to find split families. That is why the Friars, known to be Dominican, help build families from The Church On Top Of The Hill.

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