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Five Major Elements Of Christian Belief

Christian people typically hold to five traditions that comprise a worldview that shapes the nature of their beliefs. This philosophy may also contain characteristics that observers perceive as factors which, in fact, characterize a person as a Christian. The writing that follows is not intended to be a creed or the last word on the matter, but a consistent summary of Christian beliefs. Continue reading

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St. Peter’s Final Resting Place

Most Catholics believe that St. Peter, perhaps the most famous of Christ’s apostles, was laid to rest in the spot on top of which St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City now stands. St. Peter’s is the largest and considered by many to be the greatest of all of the Christian churches. It is presumed that allowing him to be entombed here honored Peter’s life and devotion to Christ as well as the fact that he was the first Bishop of Rome. Continue reading

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Christian Books: A Helpful Tool In Discovering The History Of Christianity

In recent years, books with Christian plotlines, both fiction and non-fiction, have been frequently seen on bestseller lists. Examples of such literature include “The DaVinci Code” by Dan Brown and “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.” The sudden faddish nature of Christian books was brought on largely by a cultural shift; people are beginning to develop an interest in the history and teachings of Christianity without actually joining the religion Continue reading

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Immanuel Kant’s Christmas

Immanuel Kant probably celebrated Christmas with his family because he was Pietist which is a form of Christianity. And it is during Christmas that families give presents to one another. His mother was very fond of him and when she had him baptized she called him Emanuel and nicknamed him ‘little Manny.’ Immanuel Kant was also very endeared to his mother and spoke highly of her later in life because she had encourage goodness and morality in him and had a great impact on his life. Continue reading

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