Statistics Show Private Schools Are A Better Educational Choice Than Public Schools

Today’s parents should visit many schools when considering where to send their kids. Families may determine that a private school is a better fit than a public school for a variety of reasons. Private schools can be safer than public schools, they can excel in arts education and they can provide valuable religious and moral teachings.

In 2002, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released a study indicating that private-school students score better on achievement tests than their public-school counterpart stidents. This discrepancy is lowered a little when scores are adjusted for the socioeconomic status of the students. Parents looking for a school that produces high test results should consider the local private schools in their area.

If preparing for a bright future is the number one priority when choosing a school, parents should definitely consider spending their money on a private school. When touring the school, ask questions about how well the school’s graduates perform in college and in the workforce. Look for a school with alumni that remain involved. Find out what type of leadership roles staff members have held both in the school and in the workforce.

One of the best choices for kids looking to attend ivy-league colleges and receive doctorate degrees may be a private boarding school. Look for one that is well-established and offers an education based on the classics. These schools usually provide classes in rhetoric, logic and debate. They do a better job at developing critical-thinking skills than average schools that are focused on teaching to the test.

For parents who want to give their kids the very best educational future, private schools are the place to start. Ask local people who are doing well in their careers where they attended school. Chances are this is the best bet for finding a school that produces students that have the education and ability to be successful, and become business and community leaders.

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