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As recent studies show, most young people are leaving their faith behind when they exit the family home and begin a life of their own. Many are not returning to their places of worship when they enter adulthood, sometimes due to the feeling that faith is irrelevant or impersonal. It is now imperative for church leaders to find a solution that allows them more time to help provide individualized support, encouragement and accountability to address an individual’s specific spiritual needs. The solution to this issue is the introduction of church management software.

To assist congregation growth and to help manage their daily operations, churches and other religious organizations will often select from one of the many church management software products on the market. Choosing the right church management software to fit your individual place of worship can be a difficult task, as each church group has unique and specific needs for that software to fulfill. Fortunately, one company is making the choice a little easier with church management software that leads the field in terms of adaptability, ease of use and price point.

MaxPro is a featured church management software product of the 2:8 Association, a group of like-minded spiritual individuals who have the skills to develop products that allow church organizers and leaders more time for relational ministry. The MaxPro church management software product is a combination-knowledge and idea-sharing web-based software tool that enables members of a church group to network within their ministry to create a more cohesive church congregation.

The MaxPro church management software has a range of features, each uniquely designed to give church organizers a hands-on approach to relational ministry. Because Max Pro church management software is a web-based solution, office duties can be completed anywhere with a connection to the Internet, giving church organizers the freedom to work outside of the normal office environment.

The contact management feature of this leading church management software allows the user to create customizable contacts lists including data such as attendance, church duties, church groups and much more. This leading church management software is fully compatible with some of the latest products, so you can import customizable contact information into Microsoft Excel for complete cross-format coverage. By compiling all contact information, it becomes much easier to create customizable categories specific to your ministry as well as create address lists for group mailings.

For those who prefer instant communication, the MaxPro church management software is fully text message capable, allowing the user to import cellular phone numbers into the program and then send text messages to everyone on the list. MaxPro also allows for the receiving of text messages too, so that church organizers can be reached easily and efficiently thanks to this one expert church management software program. MaxPro also offers many other easy-to-use features such as a gift-tracking, surveys as well as a web-site building tool.

With an unbeatably low price and features that no other web-based church management solution can match, MaxPro is the ultimate choice for church organizers who want to get back that sense of relational ministry within their place of worship.

About MaxPro:

MaxPro is web-based software designed for knowledge and idea sharing within a church community. Created by the 2:8 Association, MaxPro is helping churches across North America establish a deeper sense of community by allowing church organizers to communicate more effectively with their congregation. For more information about MaxPro, please go to getmaxpro.

MaxPro is the featured product of The 2:8 Association. Our organization is led by a team of influencers with skills and talents that will help you maximize your time for relational ministry. For more information visit

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