Making Use of Church Bulletins

Church bulletins are often taken for granted by most church members. This is a primary reason why churches try and do their best to get the attention of their members so that they can be informed of upcoming events and announcements within the church congregation.

If you find yourself heading a team or being an one man team in spreading church announcements and posting it on your bulletins, it is best to get acquainted with several ways that will help you catch the attention of your church members.

However, there are several important questions you need to consider first before even starting to work on your church bulletins.

One, ask yourself the question of what you want to communicate to your members. Is the church bulletin going to be used exclusively for the church or would you allow people to post other announcements provided it’s related to the teachings or the faith?

Having this figured out ahead of time will allow you to focus on the more important announcements and posts.

Two, figure out whether the postings that you’ll make will communicate anything about your church or community. It is best to send out positive signals.

This is especially true if you have a big church, your church bulletins could be one of the few ways to reach your other non-active members of the church.

Three, consider the entire theme of your service. Most of the time, church bulletins are updated weekly; thus, it would be perfect if you could include a posting or information that is related to the sermon given by the priest or pastor and help wrap things up together.

There is no doubt that church bulletins are often used as a primary tool for getting in touch with other members. This is an effective tool to let church members as well as visitors get acquainted with the church’s events and activities.

Most of the time, churches would place important events, like dates, times as well as service opportunities in the church bulletins, other churches however, use it as a great teaching tool by giving out a major outline of the sermon given by the priest or pastor.

Whatever specific purpose you might have for your church bulletins, one thing is clear, it is important that your bulletin works to help your congregation and provides support for your church.

In order to turn your church bulletins into a success, here are some things that you might want to take into consideration.


Prior to working on your church bulletins, it is important that you have a plan and you know what it is for. Determine whether your bulletin is only going to provide information or whether you want it to become a discipleship tool as well.

If it’s possible, get someone to help you out with in organizing and updating the bulletin every week.


When you place posts or announcements, create a good pattern so that it will be easier for your readers to follow the flow. It is important to take this into account as you go ahead and come up with this idea.

Your bulletin can contain a statement of your church vision and mission, event information, letter from the senior pastor, visitor information card, church information or maybe even an outline of the sermon.


This might seem like an out of the ordinary idea to think about with your church bulletins, but if you want to grab the member’s attention, you have to place emphasis on this aspect as well. You can go ahead and coordinate your bulletins and come up with exciting and eye-catching colors, images, logos so you can create a plethora of visual interest.

Coming up with your own church bulletins should not be a tough job. Make it simple yet interesting, and you should be able to communicate the Word of the Lord as well as communicate with your members’ about your church happenings.

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