Justification Of Downfall Of Marriage In The UK

In the year 2005, the decline of marriage was nearly 10%. The source of the information was from the Office of national statistics. The year 1986 and 2005, there is a big difference in the number. This condition is worsening as years pass by.

Most individuals have the capability to decide when to marry in United Kingdom when they attain the average of 36.2 for the men and 33.6 for women. The number of individuals marrying for the first time had declined as the statistics implied. This was true also to the civil marriages which had presented a decline of 65%.

Many causes have been described one being the change in law designed to dissuade marriages between the citizens and the foreigners. This is because once they marry, they may become permanent citizens which the government discourages. This trend has prevailing in UK has also been reflected in other countries such as United States.

Another cause may be due to the rise of cohabitation. Has a great effect on marriages. People believe that they should test the waters of the marriage before establishing a family is a complete diversion. This trend is rapidly becoming a substitute of dating but one with is more intimate. Other reason might is that they use cohabitation to determine whether it will work out or if it does not, they can part ways preventing a bad marriage.

The Institute of National Marriage had stated the effects of cohabitation. They said that the longer one stays with a partner together, the greater the chance that the ethnicity commitment of cohabitation will take charge. As time passes, marriage is gradually becoming of less importance to the people. They claim that it is an old-fashioned way and adults shifting to live with partners rather than marry.

Back in history, the civilization was really heavily relied on the strong marriages and family units. If marriages will continue to diminish UK, the bases of family, meeting of parents, courting, relationships, and building strong families will diminish. Eventually this country will completely diminish.

About fifty out of probably a thousand United Kingdom women got married annually in the early 90s. This has been declining with time. The law enforcers relieved the strictness that was enforced on the marriage age but this is still not increasing the number. The reason to this is the change in the culture, science and technology, freedom and capitalism. Once people are enlightened, they weigh the sides and overthrow traditional rules that kings and bishops enforced.

The number of children born out of the wedding is another effect of decline of marriage in the United Kingdom. It is well known that a child born in a mother-only house suffers harmful consequences. Some manifest at school where they are more likely to be expelled, suffer the abuse or engage in harmful behaviours such as drugs and prostitution. This is due to their economic status. This can all be put at a halt by embracing the gift of marriage.

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