How to Choose a Church Chair for Today’s Church

A quick guide to making a smart decision when shopping for church furniture.

As churches strive to meet the needs of the newest generations of their congregations, innovation will be key. By embracing a more flexible, comfortable approach to church seating, churches will be able to best maximize their space – and in turn maximize their budgets. Through modern fabrication and technology, today’s modern churches enjoy exceptional choices in modular, padded church chairs and church furniture.

When searching for church chairs and sanctuary seating, a buyer will find myriad choices, some priced much lower than others. This is where buyer education is key – as there is much more to a church chair than meets the eye. It is the internal construction of the chair, the seat and back padding materials and construction, fabric and external frame, and finally the fit and finish which make a chair a sound investment for any church, or one which will quickly disappoint. Quality church chairs should include heavy-duty 1″ square tube, 16 gauge steel frame construction. Seats and backs should be affixed to the frame with “T-Nuts” to ensure that these sanctuary chairs will remain sturdy and solid for years to come. The “rocker glides” at the end of each chair leg need to provide smooth movement across carpeting.

These modern pew alternative chairs “gang” together easily via smooth, out-of-the-way ganging devices. Fabrics need to meet flame retardant specification CA117 and should pass a fabric durability test of 250,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek test). The backs of church chairs need to be cleanly finished for an elegant appearance and should allow congregations to easily seat themselves in rows of church chairs without the worry of snagging clothing or pocketbooks on roughly-finished chair backs. Each sanctuary chair should come fully-assembled and ready for service – again something to consider in researching your church chair options with various church furniture stores. Finally, insist that the church chair frames carry a Lifetime Warranty on the frame welds.

In choosing a company to supply church chairs, a prudent purchaser must take into account that a major purchase like choosing church furnishings requires careful research that often requires consideration by a budget committee. Therefore, it is critical to choose a church furniture company that focuses on customer service and attentiveness. It is important to have a company that will be available every step of the way – to answer initial questions, to help build a competitive quote to discuss with church finance committees, and finally to fulfill the order and package and ship the new church furniture with the utmost of care.

Price is simply not enough. Purchasers should be aware that there are many companies that may offer what seems to be a good price but lack in the ability to understand the exact needs and specifications of the church. Purchasers should be careful to choose a church furniture company that has a good track record, reputation, and who stands by their work. They should insist on a company that can have a knowledgeable consultant with a clear understanding of church management and congregation movements. Choose a company that offers delivery and setup of church chairs and church furniture.

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