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People looking for church ministry positions make several mistakes when they are looking for a new job. Looking for church ministry positions is not much different than looking for a traditional job. Many of the same rules apply, but there are other mistakes that Christians make when they are looking for a new church job. Some churches don’t understand how to hire new people either!

Here are the five mistakes most people make when they are looking for church ministrypositions.

Candidates don’t volunteer at other churches before looking for a youth pastor job.

Churches want to see that potential ministry candidates already have experience in volunteering at other churches. Many aspiring youth pastors go to Bible colleges to study youth ministry, but they never volunteer with other youth groups while they are in college. Once they get their degree, they have a hard time finding a job because they don’t have any real world experience.

How will you know if you like youth ministry if you never volunteer at another church before you become a youth pastor?

They simply send their resume everywhere and wait for churches to contact them.

This is a terrible way to get church ministry positions jobs. The job market is terrible today, and many people are looking for work. When a church posts an ad for a ministry position, they receive literally hundreds of resumes. There are many more candidates than there are jobs available. As a result, you need to do much more than spam your resume all over the place! Get in contact with the churches where you send your resume. Force churches to pull your resume up to the top of the pile! Get on the phone with the churches where you apply and ask them to consider you for an interview!

Most people don’t work with the contacts they already have.

When it comes to church ministry positions opportunities, many people don’t work with the contacts they already have. If you are already volunteering at your local church, chances are that you know people who know other people who attend other churches that are hiring for church ministry positions . Tell people that you are looking for a job at a church. Let people know that you are interested in working with a local church body.

They don’t rely on the power of prayer!

It may seem ironic that Christians don’t rely on God for finding a new job, but it is easy to forget that the Lord will help direct your path. Don’t forget to pray and fast as you look for new ministry opportunities. If you pray diligently and ask the Lord to direct your path, he will guide you to the right opportunity that fits your skill set and fits the needs of the ministry.

They forget to utilize social media!

Social media is extremely powerful if you know how to use it. This is because you can talk to many people with the same message with a simple Facebook status update or a tweet on your Twitter account. Facebook is much more personal than Twitter, as you are probably friends with most people on your Facebook account. Twitter followers can come from all over the world. Post an update on your Facebook or Twitter account stating you are looking for a ministry job, and see what happens!

There are many church ministry positions employment opportunities available today, but most people don’t take the extra steps to find a new job. If you go the extra mile to find a ministry job, you will find many church ministry positions employment opportunities knocking on your door!

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