Church Evangelisation

The Church as Enemy of Evangelisation

” One of the greatest enemies of evangelism is the church as fortress or social club; it sucks Christians out of their neighbourhoods, clubs, workplaces, schools, and other social networks and isolates them in a religious ghetto… warehoused as merchandise for heaven, kept safe in a protected place to prevent spillage, leakage, damage, or loss until their delivery”.

Brian McLaren in Christianity Today, November 2004, p.43.

I propose two Biblical solutions to the above man-made Great Omission;-

1. Churches should function according to Ephesians 4 with the awareness and intent to bring all Christian believers to spiritual maturity and to separate, prepare, equip, bless and send them into their homes, the community and the world to yeast, salt and light according to their individual talents, gifts, calling, ministry and mission task. Pastor must do what they are called to do in the five-fold model. No more, and no less. One Body under Jesus Christ, with many members each equipped for good works and individually accountable to be judged for what was done in the flesh.

2. “Churchians” should commit to be Christ-centered and Bible-believing through surrendering all and allowing the Holy Spirit to shape them according to their individual personality, talents, gifts in the spirit, calling in Jesus Christ, personal ministry and personal missions task (be it support, finance, antirecessionary prayer, partnering, equipping, sending or going themselves).

Here in, I believe, lies the “second reformation”, revival and the greater fullness of the Body of Christ as God’s representative on this earth.

Man’s desire for control, self-exaltation, inward focus, power and comfort zones such as grand and comfortable church buildings and nice programs has corrupted the “church” to the extent that world evangelisation and mission has ceased to be our main call for co-operation with the Missio Dei.

Who are responsible? Is it not they who are professing to be our teachers and Christian spiritual leaders, – they who lay claim to exclusive authority, status, and the material reward of their “one man five-fold super-pastor exalted position” in society – at the cost of God’s kingdom on this earth? To double account they will be called according to James 3:1.

Until the Holy Spirit desists from imparting the gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, and Teacher – Pastors need to learn to respect and co-facilitate God’s Kingdom on this earth and the Body of Christ in all it’s fullness.

Glory to God Almighty – Jesus is the King of kings!

Johan Meintjes * El-Shaddai Projects International *

Mr. Meintjes is a lay worker with the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa and a mission worker into Africa, with a community development focus on the Congo River area.

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