Church Design and Construction

The church is the place where people come to worship God and be closer to Him, as well as to repent of their sins. It takes more than a simple building made of bricks and mortar to form a church. The local congregation of believers and the place they choose as the house of their Lord is often what the word church refers to. Each church has its individual values and theology, and all of God’s beauty, order, creativity and detail should be used to the highest level of design to reflect these specific features.

Therefore, everyone who is involved in a church design and construction process should try to use this creativity, beauty and order to turn the church into a welcoming place for all believers.

The place of worship has undergone some dramatic changes over the years. However, the most notable changes regarding church design and construction have only been witnessed in the past years. The traditional church buildings are slowly being replaced by new forms of expression, as old style buildings no longer match the kind of ministry that people are looking for nowadays. Today’s church design and construction aim at reshaping the worship and life of congregations. And it is not the church building alone that church designers should consider. Church plans should definitely include site planning, as many churchgoers believe that the site is the first invitation that the church makes.

Furthermore, with space being a constant problem for churches, site planning is equally important in church plans as far as future expansion is concerned. It is believed that good church design and construction is the best way to build a community. The most recent forms of expression in church design and construction include a large gathering space, where people get together for Bible study, worship, choir practice, exercise classes, committee meetings, and so forth.

Church architecture can be regarded as a symbolic expression of the faith of the community in question.

Therefore, church design and construction should put emphasis on the specific architecture that is most appropriate to that community. Apart from making an invitation, the church architecture should be relevant of God’s creativity, order and beauty in general, and of the congregation’s faith in particular. Good church design and construction can render the feeling of God being in the congregation’s midst, instead of being at a distance.

The use of light in a church building is of fundamental importance, given its spiritual significance. Light should be an important consideration in the church design and construction process. Using light in a church building has long been a major concern that has already evolved into an architectural tradition. However, given the significance of light and its symbolism, this tradition has to be rethought each time new church design and construction are considered.

The ideas presented above are just some aspects related to church design and construction. The process of constructing or expanding a church is a lot more complex, and the insight of a good church architect will prove to be a very valuable tool.

Whatever your church plans may encompass, be it the remodeling of interior rooms or exterior, and  converting warehouses into full church facilities, multi-structure campuses, or building a new church from the ground up, there are church architects who can provide unique insights, while honoring your individual theology and values, as well as your specific needs and budget.

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