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If you really love Bible study but would like to know how to get more out of your Bible study, the Ryrie NASB Study Bible can help. This Bible is the North American Standard Bible, but it includes extra information you’ll find interesting, as well as study tools that will enhance your study.

Features included in the Ryrie NASB Bible

The North American Standard Bible (NASB Bible) was revolutionary in that it incorporated information about the latest available manuscripts and the best Greek texts for Bible translation, and was also revised based upon current English usage so that it’s easier to read and understand. However, the Ryrie NASB Bible takes this a step further. The Ryrie NASB Bible is the NASB Bible, the Bible version that already enhances the reader’s understanding because of its modern language usage, with some additional resources that readers should find extremely helpful and interesting. Let’s take a look at them:

� Background information

There are tools throughout the Bible that furnish archaeological or historical background information to further clarify reading.

� Tools to interpret or translate the text with greater accuracy

Previously, readers were left to themselves to try to decipher what particular text meant. Now, the Ryrie NASB Bible contains resources where the text is translated or interpreted where needed so that clear understanding is achieved.

� Words’ and doctrines’ definitions

Words and doctrines are defined throughout the Ryrie NASB Study Bible, so there’s no confusion; passages are also “inter-referenced” throughout the text, so that you can read other passages on the same subjects as you go along.

� Book introductions

For truly in-depth studies of the books of the Bible, each book includes an introduction, which gives information about its author, background on the book, and the contents of that book. Each book is also printed in outline at the end of each introduction and this outline is referenced throughout the text of each book. This can help you clarify study efforts, because you can see clearly how the author is developing a particular book’s ideas as you read.

� Notes

Notes at the end of each book also help illuminate the message(s) that the book is intended to convey.

An Index

There is an index at the end of the Ryrie NASB Study Bible that contains the principal subjects as addressed in the notes. It also contains articles on subjects that are biblically important, a concordance, and a synopsis of Bible doctrine. Other tools include a Harmony of the Gospels, which are specifically meant to help you locate an event specific to the Gospels.

Of particular historical note are maps and timelines that help you place biblical events both in history and in location.

The new, expanded version of the Ryrie NASB Bible has more than 200 new timelines, diagrams, maps, and charts, included in text. There are also more than 2000 new notes. Existing notes have been updated and expanded when possible, and the Topical Index of Scripture has also been expanded. This makes this the most informative and useful bible study Ryrie NASB Study Bible edition available.

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