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Church Usher Badges

The man is an official. Judging from the fact we’re at a church, he’s probably an official church official. Actually he’s even more important, he’s a Church Badger. He is official – no ID, no gun, just attitude. Church Badger: noun; someone who believes they are more important than others, and wears an identifying pin to prove it. eg: “The Head Church Badger is holier than you.” Continue reading

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Church Service Bulletins

There are these little 8.5 x 5.5 pieces of paper named Bulletins that get passed out each week some places. Some smiling bulletin waiter hands you one as you enter. The contents are really just about as predictable as the Scripture imprinted on valley of flowers. There are no polling statistics, but a church friend of my editor says most churches now have the desktop technology to create their own bulletins – I’m pretty sure he blames Microsoft Word not God’s Word for that. He guesses 20% of US churches regularly pass out weekly Church Bulletins. Their denomination and age also make some more likely to use them than others. Continue reading

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