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How to Buy Basic Portable Communion Supplies

The consumer who really knows what they’re doing understands that for you to make wise purchases, you have to know what you need. Sounds simple; when we go out to purchase a car, we know how many people we want it to seat and how many miles we drive per year. We know to check consumer reports to see what others have said about certain cars or for problems with particular models. The same is true for purchases with which we are less familiar. Continue reading

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Home Churches & Megachurches Have Something in Common

Churches have changed. I’ve attended megachurches and house churches and believe me there are some serious differences, but I do notice differences, beyond just sharing the Gospel. The particular practice I’m talking about today is communion. Over the years it is one of the standards in the church – large or small – which people haven’t really messed with too much. Recently however I saw these new single pass communion trays, one of the coolest inventions for both the big boys and the small. Continue reading

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