Apostleship of Paul Is Unique to Gods Purpose for Us Today

Take Heed That You’re Not Part of this Rebellion!

Familiar with the ways of the Apostle Paul? If you attend a denominational church the chances are that you are not. If you were you most likely would stop attending!

Following Paul in this dispensation of grace is what we should do, as he is our apostle. Do you follow him?

Paul was given a new commission and ministry that is not the same as the four gospels. Paul’s ministry is apart from Israel not to Israel as the other twelve’s were.

It is a fact that Israel and her ministry was on the way out as God purposed. In the Old Testament Israel chose Saul as king over God the father and so rejected Him (Strike one). Israel then refused the king and the kingdom rejected God the son and crucified Him (strike two). Then by the stoning of Stephen according to Acts, Israel rejected God the Holy Spirit (strike three). In so doing the consequences were that Israel was set aside by God according to His eternal plan and purpose.

God’s kingdom on earth referrers to the plan God has for the Jews. But they have been set aside for now along with their program. One day they will be God’s people again and will carry his message again. But not in this current day. Today in the dispensation of the grace of God not the kingdom message, Paul is our apostle and pattern. I didn’t say that – God said that!

You may wish to assume that the bible is corrupt and provably the King James Version is not. And so by the same faith that got you saved you can understand that something new and totally different happens when Paul comes onto the scene.

The two dispensations have been mixed together by blind religious orthodoxy, but the true bible believers and users will understand “rightly dividing” the word of truth!

Paul got his information directly from the risen Lord Jesus Christ. If you would follow Christ today you must follow Paul.

We observe a great resistance and rebellion to Pauline Apostleship which is contrary to the Word of God rightly divided. Are you caught up in spiritual blindness? It has come over the world through religious and denominational influences. We have prepared a great resource of rightly divided online bible studies for you. 2timothy 2:15

To learn more about the Apostle Paul by understanding the Word of God rightly divided visit our online bible study available in text, audio and video.

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